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The Technological HighSchool“Iordache Zossima” has the following levels of learning:
      • preeschool
      • primary
      • gymnasium
      • professional and technical
      • secondary-technologic
        Preschool has preparatory group(school year 2012-2013) and operates in the building of the village Malu Rosuand small group works. in building from common Armasesti.

       At the primary level (classes 0) our school offers very good conditions for education under the guidance of their teachers.

       Professional and technical level, the technological path includes profiles/specialization:

      • Mechanical/Agricultural Mechanics
      • Agriculture/Animal husbandry
       Secondary level, technological filieras includes profiles, specialization:

      • Services/Technician in economic activities
      • Natural Resources and Environment Protection/ Ecology Technician and Protection of Quality Environment
      • Natural Resources and Protection of Environment/ Veterinary Technician
      • Mechanical/Technician in CAD
Structura Liceului:
      • Preprimary Education-3 groups
      • Primary Education-5 classes
      • Secondary Education-4 classes
      • High School-Day Course
                a IX-a - 2 classes
                a X-a - 2 classes
                a XI-a - 2 classes
                a XII-a - 2 classes
      • Vocational and Technical Education -1 class