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        Would be one of many questions that the editorial board must respond. For students and teachers at the Technological HighSchool " Iordache Zossima " from common Armasesti want to achieve " business card " to improve the school's image in the community and form at the same time , a mechanism for information, expression and organizing activities in school. Moreover, the new magazine aims through content articles and addressing issues, to present some aspects of the history of the village Armasesti local horizon. The magazine pages open for any collaboration generous as all those who can and want to attend the skill and talent to the need for information and broaden the general culture, and always enriching knowledge in science, protection of the environment and to understand realities better our world .. Therefore a journal in the house should be without moments of meditation and provoke topics other than everyday common between friends and colleagues who browse it by curiosity, to read it will be so encouraged that some scientific articles published in magazine they are affordable. Content magazine wanted to be balanced, meaning that in addition to scientific articles published, and environmental quality protection issues, the magazine gives enough space for entertaining thus ensuring a diverse content and information thick.      Only together can we manage to positively intervene in the process of expanding information and general culture and we will be grateful, colleagues, for their comments and suggestions on the issue at hand and the next.

    Deputy director Prof. Niculina STAN