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    Armăşeşti is a commune in Ialomita. Armasesti village is situated in the western part of the county Ialomita. Its neighbors:
    At north is situated Glodeanu common Sarat (Buzau) -- At south is situated Bărbuleşti common- At west are situated Jilavele common and Moldoveni common - At east are situated Ciocârlia common and Urziceni city.

    Armasesti is at a distance of about 10 km from Urziceni, 60 km from Bucharest, Ploiesti and free.

Administrative data

        • Population: 2244 inhabitants
        • Area: is about 4741 ha˛

130 years of existence and tradition of Romanian agricultural education

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Technological Highschool "Iordache Zossima" from Armăşeşti

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    For over 130 years the gates of this prestigious place of culture passed thousands of graduates, carrying with them not only the amount of knowledge learned here, but rather a range of work and life skills, planted by the labors of many generations of teachers.